Tuesday, March 29, 2005

ADO.NET's DataSet is cool

Since I am still learning how to do .NET development things that advance programmers know about I tend to find really cool.

Let’s take ADO.NET’s DataSet, to me this is awesome. What I understand is basically it pulls all the information out of a database, and in a sense creates a new one in memory. This allows faster access time of the data when inputting, deleting, or rolling back transactions. This helps the user out tremendously because all they care about is speed and now you are providing it for them.

With ADO and PHP, from what I used of PHP, database access you basically open the connection, run a query, close the connection, display the information. They do this over and over. With the DataSet you don’t need to open and close a connection all that is needed is going straight to memory, fetching the information, and displaying it.

The problem with how ADO and PHP get data is you have to take time to spin the hard drive, find the information, and get it. This takes time, granted not a whole heck of a lot, and when you are running an enterprise level application time is very critical.

So to me using ADO.NET allows for greater speed because the database information that you are using is cached into memory until you commit the changes to the database. This is just one more thing that is better over PHP on an enterprise level.


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