Wednesday, March 23, 2005

SSID Advertising

Ok today I went over to a friends house an pulled out my trusty Dell Inspirion 9100, this thing is a beast of a laptop. Anyway I turned it on booted into windows and bam I pick up 6 wireless connections. Being that I was in an upscale neighborhood this didn't surprise me. What did surprise me was that one of the SSID was "Vote John Kerry" This gave me 2 thoughts

1) who in the world is this guy voting for Kerry? :)
2) hey that is a good idea SSID advertising.

Think about it you own a business or you support an organization why not advertise that in the SSID that you are broadcasting. I often times see something like Joes wireless or something equally bland. Rarely do I see company names. Granted by advertising the name it increases some of the possibility of getting "cracked,"I say cracked for a reason because of what a hacker truly is. I also see positives though to advertising the company name or organization. Mainly for people like me wow someone took the time make that the ssid they might be worth checking out. Or something like that.

These are just my thoughts on it.
Buddy Lindsey


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