Saturday, March 26, 2005

Why does Microsoft suck?

This is a question that I have for a lot of people here lately. When I hear someone complain about Microsoft and they say that Microsoft sucks I ask why. Almost invariably the answer is, because they make crappy products. To me this answer is totally unfounded. Think about it if Microsoft made crappy products then they would not, at all, be the top software vendor in the world. Yes I will admit there are bugs and some compatibility issues that arise that should be worked out. I mean Windows is not perfect and neither is Linux or OSX. All OS’ have their own respective problems; this is a fact of life in the computer age.

I think the thing that annoys me the most is that when I dig deep enough to find the root of the problem I find out most people are annoyed because word or excel or windows does not have one specific feature. Honestly this is a dumb reason to get mad at Microsoft.

Once I find out all this information I ask two questions. These are the general questions and the general answers.

Q. If you don’t like windows so much why aren’t you using Linux or OSX.

A. I don’t understand Linux, it doesn’t make sense to me and Mac’s are so expensive that I can’t afford them.

- Response (that I wish I could say):
Let me guess you downloaded Linux tried to install it couldn’t get it installed so you stopped there and claimed defeat. Or you got it installed figured out it wasn’t as easy as windows and claimed defeat.

Q. What have you done about alerting Microsoft to the problem to get it fixed?

A. Nothing it is not like they read e-mails or anything like that, and that send report thing I read some were that it does nothing so I just click no.

- Response (that I wish I could say):
Ok um you have a problem that you want fixed, but you don’t do anything about it. That is completely illogical I mean if there is a problem do something about fixing it then you can honestly have earned the right to complain. Oh and you click no on the report error if it doesn’t do anything then what is the harm in clicking it anyway?

Bottom line is that most people that I hear complain about Microsoft do so with no conclusive evidence why. Microsoft yes they have done some bad business deals in the past most big companies do, but most people don’t complain about them as much as Microsoft. Microsoft has done many things for the computer industry that most people overlook. They create standards for people to follow in development that helps not only the developer, but the end-user too. They have revolutionized the UI for a desktop which in turn makes the other OS’ need to be similar so people can use them. Microsoft has also taken the pc, which is honestly a low grade computer from what it could be, and they have made it work. They have made installers that are easy to follow, and hardware compatibility a breeze with Plug & Play. Microsoft has set a standard of ease that other OS’, in order to compete, need to meet. This is not at all a bad thing because in the end the end-user is what is important. If the end-user has a flawless time, or as close as possible, using the computer then there is no need to create new things. We are far from an easy to use computer that works perfect, and does exactly what you need easily.

As for me one of my goals is to work for Microsoft to help fix problems that I see. I want to help innovate new ideas and set new standards. I want be at the forefront of technology, and right now that is Microsoft.

Who knows in 10 years it might be Linux or Apple might come back we don’t know so until then lets cut Microsoft some slack and help them out a little. Every a program crashes click the little send report button. Send an e-mail regarding a feature or a problem. Read a blog that someone at Microsoft posts in and comment on it leaving feedback. Little things here and there can really help what do you say?

To Contact Microsoft follow the links:
Microsoft Usability Research
Microsoft Wish
Get Assisted Support for a Product

For people that Blog at Microsoft:,1995,933657,00.asp

Buddy Lindsey


At 11:37 PM, March 29, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dislike Microsoft because of their shady business practices, and it was partly because of bad software in the past, around win95/95/ME era (though this has changed). Microsoft also projects a certain arrogance about them when they refuse to acknowledge IT standards (CSS and SQL to name a few), they can thumb their nose at anyone and anything because they are the 900 lbs. gorilla..

BTW, this is redDC143C from 3dBuzz. . Thought I'd stop by to check out your blog ;)

At 8:45 PM, April 02, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting - and where has XUL been standardized?

At 3:15 PM, April 29, 2005, Blogger erlybird said...

I like what you said, "when I dig deep enough to find the root of the problem I find out most people are annoyed because word or excel or windows does not have one specific feature". That is so true. I am a developer and work with VB, Access, and now more and more .NET. I love it and I thate it...that is the nature of the business. But I also work with Crystal Reports more than I would like THAT product is an example of SUCK. And yet, I know Crystal "people" who love it and swear by it and STILL say Microsoft sucks. No, Microsoft does not suck. If Microsoft were a shortstop it would have a very, very good fielding pct. But just like fans all's the errors we tend to remember.

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At 7:08 PM, April 18, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reason microsoft sucks is not thier software its all the hardware they buy from china or singapore. All you have to do is read under the hardware and it will usually says made in china, thiland, sigapore, ect.


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