Monday, April 18, 2005

3 Basic Complaints Revealed

One thing that you may have noticed if you have read much of my blog is I find the Microsoft vs. Open Source debate fascinating. I must say I really don’t know why I do, I just do. So to continue on this trend I want to add another post on that theme.

Here lately I have been putting thought into the fundamental reasons that have contributed to people not liking Microsoft or their products. I then thought how true are these opinion.

The three opinions are:
1. I don’t like their business practices
2. I don’t like that windows crashes so often
3. They don’t have a feature that I want, and I don’t have the option to add it.

These are the three main reasons that I have been able to break it down to. On the surface they seem superficial and not worth discussing, but if that were so I wouldn’t be writing this would I?

So lets take a look at them shall we.

“I don’t like Microsoft’s business practices”

Well I can understand this who would like a company that goes to court everyday for some legal reason or another. With a the biggest reason that Microsoft doesn’t want to run the java runtime on their OS that is licensed to people.

Now when I say licensing this means that you are purchasing the right to use this software. You are not purchasing the software for what ever you want to use. Therefore, Microsoft has the ability to restrict what every they want, in my opinion.

Now if you have such a problem with business practices then you might want to take look at the corporate world. There are scandals happening almost every week of someone that has done something shady in a corporate position. Now the reason that most of them are not so disrespected and flamed is because they are not top of the food chain of their market. I can see why Microsoft can be an easy target because of this it is not fair that you should single them out and call them a bad company, and the people bad people for this reason alone.

“I don’t like that windows crashes so much”

Ok, honestly this problem is an old one that is almost gone in windows XP. I crash my Linux partition far more than my windows partition. Microsoft spent a longtime to make XP run more efficient so that it did not crash as often. Friends, and I have run windows on our pc’s for several weeks straight doing everything from 3d modeling and gaming to programming and word processing, and not one time did it crash. Now it did slow down really slow at points, but it would pick back up to most of the same speed.

Now one of the biggest problems with speed and stability is how big that the kernel is for windows. The reason I say this is because of what windows is, a easy to use for many users operating system, it has to be able to run on almost any pc hardware configuration that exists, and has to look good doing it. This leads to a huge kernel so that it can support so much, which ultimately gives way to conflicts of devices when loading something, to me this is common sense like the difference between a router and switch. Because, windows has to work for everything it has to stay big, now the down side to windows being closed source is you can’t customize the kernel like you can in Linux for optimal performance. If you read a recent eWeek article the Linux community recognizes the problem of bloated kernel, and are starting to complain about it. So in a sense Linux is heading toward this problem. So ultimately Linux is heading toward crashes on its own, but the one thing it does have for it the customizable kernel.

So in conclusion to this point, crashes are inevitable it is usually a user error, in my experience, and it is something that will continue to happen as long as people are able to install their own software and hardware, because it seems that is were the problem is having to create software that works on several hardware configurations. I mean look at apple computers. They have an OS that is written for a specific hardware configuration and programs that are written for a specific hardware configuration leading less possibilities of crashing, but they are not impervious because I have crashed one at CompUSA. (The hardware stuff I am not sure of I was told that my a Mac person so I am taking him at his word because he seemed like he knew what he was talking about. Please, let me know if I am wrong and I will gladly write a retraction.)

“They don’t have a feature that I want, and I don’t have the option to add it.”

This is one that is the biggest complaint basically leading to “Open Source” dun dun duuuun. Anyway, one thing I hear a lot, not necessarily as an argument, but as a complaint is “Why don’t the include blah feature in their office software, windows OS, or other software.” I hear this mainly when it takes a while to do something, and they want a button to do it all right then.

Now, this leads to more geeky people complaining about not having the option to edit the software because it isn’t open source. To me Open Source is awesome, but as far as I have seen nothing compares to some of closed source software that Microsoft has such as office, Visual Studio, and windows. All these are easy to use and helpful for users to move around and get things done. Now is a good Open Source comparison that has a lot of potential, but does not have a lot of the things that Office does. I have not yet seen a IDE that even compares to VS. As for windows, to me Linux has a while before they are going to be as easy to use for everyone.

Another thing about being able to edit the software even with the option, how often have you actually taken that opportunity and added that feature. If you are like me you like to have the option, but have never actually done it. So for all those people that complain about it if this is the case it is a moot point because you haven’t taken the opportunity so it doesn’t really matter.

Basically these are all points that arise, but in a major since is honestly ridiculous in many cases. Now everybody has their right to an opinion and I respect that, but these are some insights into my thoughts on the three basic complaints that I mainly see coming from people about Microsoft. I don’t like these complaints because personally I like how innovative Microsoft has been and will continue to be, and want to try to work for them one day. Now please don’t think that I don’t like Linux or Open Source because that is just not true, because I am currently and admin on an Open Source project iPodder.NET and am a frequent attendee of my local LUG (Linux User Group) because I see the potential in Linux and love the challenge of using it.

Thank You for reading my blog,
Buddy Lindsey


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