Friday, April 01, 2005

Linux (My Opinion)

This OS is good for geeks who know what they are doing and like to learn new things, and have the time to sit there and figure out all the little problems that may arise. Since most people grew up with windows the switch to Linux is relatively hard because people generally want to look at Linux as Windows and they generally fail.

Linux is also a good OS to learn how to use because I do see it becoming bigger and giving windows major competition, even more then apple. Linux does offer some benefits over Windows. Some of these are stability, security, and fun to learn. Linux is generally more stable then windows. I have run a Linux server for about 100 days, and it ran as good on the 100th day as it did on the 1st day. Windows however started to bog down after 20 to 25 days; at this point I could see a difference in performance. Linux is also more secure than windows because there are not as many viruses that are written for Linux. My opinion of why this is basically comes down to numbers and feelings towards Microsoft. (IMO)There are quite a few people that run Linux that do not like windows so they spend time learning how to exploit it. Linux, I think, is fun to learn. It takes a long time to learn to run it well, so to me I feel like I am never good at it so I keep trying to learn more, and I find it fascinating.

These are just a few of the bonuses about Linux


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