Friday, April 08, 2005

Mac (My Opinion)

You know I will admit I use to hate Macs because they were so hard to use, and I did not understand how-to navigate the OS. Well recently, within the last year, I have been playing with Linux. Once I started using Linux I realized you know I use to be turned of to Linux too how about I give the Mac a shot. So I went to CompUSA, and played with one for a while and was amazed how easy it was to use. I do accredit my ease of use to learning Linux. It allowed me to be open minded and figure things out which paid off because they are awesome for editing. I have a friend that has a power book, and I played with it making videos, music, and 3d modeling. I was amazed at how only 256 megs of ram could run all these programs for hours and not slow anything down on the system, and the whole computer ran smoothly the whole time. You can attribute this to the *nix base, but it was cool all the same. I think it was much easier to use than Linux because a lot more time as been dedicated to the UI. Overall it was a great experience using the Mac.

I definitely want to get a Mac to do my development things such as, podcasts, music mixing, graphic design, and post production work on videos. I think I would defiantly benefit if one day I am able to get one. I have to give kudos to Apple for making a great product. It was definitely a humbling experience.


At 3:03 PM, April 08, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

WoW a person that likes many operating systms. not to many people have seen that like many


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