Saturday, April 23, 2005

Only the Strong Survive

Recently I read an article on CNET news about the lack of interest in the Computer Science degree. As I read this I was filled with mixed emotions because it shows the waning interest in the IT department, but it also shows allowed me to realize that only committed dedicated individuals that care about technology for what is will truly get a CS degree.

After reading the article and reviewing the comments I am inclined to agree with one of the comments that only the truly dedicated individuals will get the degrees. I also want to take that a step further and say that those individuals, in my opinion, will be the next innovators of our future technological endeavors.

Basically, the article was saying that in the last 4 years that interest in the IT field for degrees has dropped 80% due to people either not as interested in the field or because they are afraid of outsourcing to India and other developing countries.

Personally, I am glad that the number of people have dropped because there is going to be a shortage of people filling Tech related jobs in 4 to 5 years, and since I will be finishing up college in that time I will be on the front lines able to snatch one up.

The best news is that the market right now is saturated with potential people wanting jobs. In 4 years the market is going to be in demand again for employees, and that is where the new innovators are going to be. There will always be jobs available to people, but I think that in 4 to 5 years there will be quite a few.


At 8:45 AM, May 03, 2005, Anonymous Kevin Gunn said...

As a sysadmin and developer, I can't agree with you more!

I watched the dot com bubble and burst. There was a time when it seemed like everyone wanted to be in IT -- not that they even LIKED computers or even felt any passion for technology in general.

The bursting of the bubble has brought sanity back to the field. The folks hoping to make a quick buck have moved on. Those that remain are once again geeks with a passion for their work.


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