Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Very inspiring

I just wanted to let you know about an awesome site. It is very inspiring reading the papers and listening to the speeches. You can tell that this guy really know technology. If you ever find yourself down and just don't want to do something such as programming or reading a blog over technology. This guy will with his speeches and papers. After reading a couple of papers I am ready to jump into programming right now, even though I am working on an essay. This persons site is Bill Gates' home page. I found his site when I was looking for speeches to listen to, and I must say I was extatic when I found it. I like to listen to technology speeches so that can get inspired and learn. A lot of people will give a philosocal view on technology, and since I enjoy that I love speeches.

So Bill Gates' site is:

I just got done with his "Real Time Collaboration 2005 Keynote" and I must say I am now inspired by their innovation to start programming things to help with communication. Mainly the way I can see that this can happen is podcasting. I am strong supporter of podcasting so I will get hopping on iPodder.NET.

Thank you for reading
Buddy Lindsey