Monday, May 30, 2005


Well sorry I haven't posted here in a while. I have been on vacation the last week. While I was on vacation I was thinking. If the linux community really wants to go mainstream they need to unify linux. What makes windows so easy to use is that everything can be done under it and all of it is universal among every windows box in the world. They need to stop playing the best distrobution game and actually choose one.

Also, I was thinking. With as much as I like Microsoft there is one thing they need to give up on. That is their searching technology. The problem is they honestly can't compete with google. So, why try? Instead help google. Give them funding computers people to help with projects. That will do two things, hopefully. It will show the world that Microsoft does not have to own technology, and that they truely want to help the best if they can't be the best.

These are just a couple of thoughts I had. Maybe the right person will see it and someone will act on it.

Monday, May 16, 2005

IE vs. FireFox

One thing that I have noticed is that a lot of people complain that Internet Explorer has a lot of updates for security holes. People tend to complain about them a lot, but what I don’t understand is that Fire Fox has had quite a few security holes so they have released updates to patch them, but people sing and dance when they have a new release.

Is this not what Microsoft does? Why is it because a program is open source it is automatically better and can exist without updates, but if there is one who cares. We live in a world of stupid double standards in the fact that Microsoft is persecuted by people because of security updates that because they care they fix. Yet people celebrate when open source releases an update.

Also that leads me to another point. I hear a lot of people say that you should use open source software because it is better. There are less problems, and bugs. Things of that nature. What I find truly interesting is that the most popular open source product on the market today has had some of the worst security problems in the browser market. Hmm lets think about that. It does go to show that the more popular something becomes the more it is targeted so maybe Microsoft isn’t that bad after all. Hmmm.

Buddy Lindsey.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Microsoft Student Amassador

I was looking through some Microsoft sites pertainting to education, and I must say that Microsoft has extensive websites ranging from how-to's to free stuff, it is amazing.

Anyway, I fount this site. Microsoft Student Ambassador program. After reading all the features of the site I qualify almost perfectly for it except three things. At the moment I am not at a 4 year university, and I don't know any current or previous Student Amassadors or MS Employees.

The two most minor things are the knowing the right people, but the four year university might be a little hard to managed sometime soon. I would however like it if I could somehow join this program when I do go to Tulsa University, the college I would like to go to. The benefits of this program are amazing. Check out the site for a better list of benefits.

Buddy Lindsey

ASP.NET podcast

Over the last couple of weeks i have been speaking with several people via e-mail about doing an ASP.NET podcast. Last night was our first meeting, I guess. We had some problems doing some testing on recording in skype, but I think I have a way around that so no worries. We talked about some really interesting things too. Mainly we discussed some of the future of it, things that we would like to see happen on the show. Scott Cate also joined us for a little while, that was awesome too. I wish I had recorded that just to recall later becuase he told some awesome stories. The best part about the whole experience is I felt like I was actually in a podcast similar to DNR. It was a lot of fun.

I think the coolest thing that we might be doing is a panel discussion over ASP.NET that should be some fun. Anyway keep on the lookout for our podcast comeing out. I would say within the next two to three weeks we can expect a pilot episode. I just want to thank Jason Salas and Wally McClure for including me on this project. it should be a lot of fun.

Buddy Lindsey.

Monday, May 02, 2005

I feal dumb now.

On my aggregator I am subscribed to MS press releases, and today they had a story of a girl in pakistan that is 9 years old who passed her MCP certification.

Very interesting read. Wow I wish I could have been introduced to programming when I was that young. I didn't learn that I could actually do programming till my senior year in high school.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

introducing iPodder.NET

Come one. Come all. I introduce to you iPodder.NET.

Ok, basically there is a podcast aggregator that is being built off the .NET Framework. It is called iPodder.NET. You can find the site and the alpha download at

I recently took over this project on SourceForge after it had been dead for about 4 months. I am learning to program in ASP.NET and Windows Forms. I thought that this would be a good project to sink my teeth into so that I can learn Windows Forms programming. Another reason I thought it would be a good idea is because I am a podcasting fanatic. I love podcasting so when I saw the opportunity to join this project I jumped on it.

Please head over to to learn more about it and get the alpha. Also since it is and open source program you are free to connect to the CVS repository and download the source and contribute. Have fun.

Buddy Lindsey.