Sunday, May 01, 2005

introducing iPodder.NET

Come one. Come all. I introduce to you iPodder.NET.

Ok, basically there is a podcast aggregator that is being built off the .NET Framework. It is called iPodder.NET. You can find the site and the alpha download at

I recently took over this project on SourceForge after it had been dead for about 4 months. I am learning to program in ASP.NET and Windows Forms. I thought that this would be a good project to sink my teeth into so that I can learn Windows Forms programming. Another reason I thought it would be a good idea is because I am a podcasting fanatic. I love podcasting so when I saw the opportunity to join this project I jumped on it.

Please head over to to learn more about it and get the alpha. Also since it is and open source program you are free to connect to the CVS repository and download the source and contribute. Have fun.

Buddy Lindsey.


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