Thursday, June 23, 2005

GrokDoc for ASP.NET?

In the Linux world there is a site for newbs to understand some of the technical things in Linux. They call it GrokDoc What this is a site that you can go to for a basic manual on how to do common Linux tasks. The biggest problem with learning Linux is understanding the new terms that are thrown at you. That has been solved by GrokDoc..

Well, what does that have to do with ASP.NET? Glad you asked. Like every good technology a lot of new terms and concepts are introduced which can overwhelm the new user. I know when I started I had no idea what this .NET thing was, and no matter how much I read I never really understood it because of all the .NET specific terms were being used. I was lost. I currently know several people that want to learn ASP.NET, but they are lost because they don't know how the framework works to even start ASP.NET.

There are plenty of tutorials out there, but they are usually written by experienced competent programmers who know ASP.NET. This results in using hard to understand terms, which easily loses a beginner.

Because of all the problems beginners can run into the ASP.NET community needs a GrokDoc site for ASP.NET. If someone is willing to start it up and administer it I would be happy to write articles. I think as a person that has recently gone, and still going, through a huge learning curve I think I could help.

Buddy Lindsey


At 8:28 PM, June 28, 2005, Anonymous Nelson J. LaQuet said...

I agree with that. Although I am not really a proficient .net programmer (damn that richtext control! ;p) I think that, I, myself have jumped a huge learning gap with .net, especially with Managed DirectX (yes, this is Metalhead from 3dbuzz ;)). I feel that .net is a step-in-the-right direction in business and game programing (and only adds to that). Cant wait for 2.0 to come out of BETA :)

BTW - good job with the pod casts :D


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