Tuesday, July 12, 2005

DataReader w00t

Hey everyone.

I finally figured out how to use the DataReader. For those of you that still don't realize that I am a newb, well I am. By me figureing out this one thing it has made a lot of concepts "click" for me. I can actually do some things that I honestly had no idea how to do before. For example I can use a querystring with the ID of something lets say a post. Throw that querystring into a SQL Statement and get out the information just for that post. The biggest problem with my code right now is that it is open for a SQL injection attack, but now that I understand what in the world I am doing with the datareader I can easily fix that problem.

I am so excited. This is why I love to code. It is such an adreneline rush when you figure out something that has been tormenting you for a long time, and you absolutly know that you should fundamentaly understand and be able to use it in anyway.

So in closing I did it, I did it. WooHoo

Can you tell I am excited.

Thank you,
Buddy Lindsey

p.s. I will post a minihow-to within the next couple of days on using the DataReader.


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