Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Apparantly I don't need GTK#

I AM SO CONFUSED!!!!! Ok, I have been trying to do mono development and it seems like anything I read for doing a winforms type project required that I use GTK#. Well I post an question to the winforms mail-list, thinking that is where i should. Come to find out winforms and GTK# undermono are completely different. So now i need to go back and start looking at winforms again. Hope that I can get a little further now. We will see.

On a side note I can't wait till the next beta is released for openSUSE I have a partition set up just for it. :)

Buddy Lindsey

Monday, August 29, 2005

Mono Project.

Ok, I have been messing with the Mono project for a bit now and I must say I find it a bit difficult. To say the least. I am hopeing to get into some gnome development with it. I think that would be fun. My biggest problem is understanding this whole widgets concepts it boggles my mind.

If any Microsoft .NET people have messed with Mono at all please leave a comment on it here and if you have a blog please leave the address so I can subscribe to it.

Now some of you maybe wondering why I went from being so Hardcore MS to using Linux. I want to answer that right now. I still am Hardcore MS. I love the company and still want to work there, but I also like to mess with stuff that is challengeing and right now linux is really kicking my but so it intrigues the crap out of me.

I really need to get back to my ASP.NET programming. I just need to find my VS.NET demo cd's so I can install it and use it again, man I wish i had the money for the full version. Anyway back to being abused by Linux.

Peace out.
Buddy Lindsey

p.s. Still need help finding good XSLT tutorials let me know if you know of any.

I can mount my USB in command line

Haha. One of the coolest things in the world is I can now mount my USB key to my crux install with a little command

mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /mnt/usb

I don't, at the moment, have a window manager on my linux partition so I am using command line quite a bit. It is a lot of fun though. I hope that in the next couple of days that all the gnome stuff on the ports system is corrected so I can install it. I just really wish that I could find the Gnome Install Guide, or at least a working link to it.

I do like the ports system that Crux is set up with very nice. It pretty much downloads all the files you need compiles them and installs them.

Also I am trying to learn XSLT right now and am haveing one heck of a time with it. I just can't seem to find any good tutorials so if you know of any let me know thanks.

Buddy Lindsey

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Unusual linux decision

Well today I was at the local LUG (linux user group) meeting and I was just so annoyed with openSUSE Beta 3 because of how long it took to boot, and the no mp3 support. These are 2 pretty trivial things when you consider that it does a lot of other stuff for you that you don't have to worry about.

Well guess what I did. I got rid of and started install probably one of the most difficult distros around. That distro is Crux. Wow was talk about a leap. I basically went from everything is done to ok lets compile the kernel now and manually set up internet connections script. Literally.

Don't get me wrong I rather enjoy it but wow what a shock to the system. One good things is that it helped me to relearn a few things for the Linux VTM's.

anyway till next time.

Buddy Lindsey

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Linux VTM's announced

Well for those of you over at 3dBuzz that listened to last nights radio show I suppose you heard about the Linux VTM's. Yes, I am going to be preparing them, and recording them for the community. I am hoping that I can make it out to Dickson, TN to record it them with Buzz and crew.

So here is a little bit of information about what is going to be on them. Basically the first several will deal with nothing but command line. Yes, command line. Why might you ask. Well most users that want to switch to linux are power users and will end up spending quite a bit of time in command line at some point. I want to get people prepared for this experience before they move into the GUI. From my experience in command line it was fairly easy to move over to KDE, Gnome, or Fluxbox, really any Windows Manager. The reason for this is because everything is still the same just graphical. The problem is in my research and planning, so far, it looks like about 6 command line based VTM's will be created. Well that, to me is a lot, I am also afraid there might need to be more. I will keep you updated though.

Until next time have fun. Oh, just because I am doing linux stuff does not mean I am giving up .NET. On the contrary I want to learn both MS .NET implementation and Mono's *nix implementation.

Keep on the look out for another ADO.NET update within the next few days.

Buddy Lindsey

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Scoble: Awnser to Comment.

I think the big thing is what is the monitoring services acutally monitoring?

What assurances can Microsoft give that it truely is only monitoring what they say?

I think those 2 questions are good and would answer quite a few things, in my opinion. I think they are braod enough yet specific enough.

On a side note I am new to blogging and how I am using it conversation wise and other things. Am I using it correctly?

Regards and Keep up the good work on Channel 9 it is one of my favorite sites espeically since I am wanting to work for Microsoft someday.

Buddy Lindsey.

Linux in VPC

I am going to do some linux tutorials and didn't want to dual boot or anything like that so I got the idea how about I just use Microsoft Virtual PC. So I installed it and I must say wow it is awesome. Linux works very nice in it. Most people I guess would think that because it is non-microsoft then there would be something in there preventing it from being used, but there isn't. I can't wait to get home to use it some more. I really enjoy it.

Oh yeah. I loaded Slackware for the distro. I wanted a cleaner distro for these tutorials.

Buddy Lindsey

Monday, August 01, 2005

Scoble: FUD regarding Vista

This is meant as a question/statement to Robert Scoble at Microsoft.

Here lately there has been a lot of FUD regarding Windows Vista's monitoring services.

The problem is quite a few people have posted blog posts saying that Microsoft will be monitoring all activity that you do. What people then perceive from that information is that Microsoft will be stealing your information and acting like "Big Brother."

My question to you is. Is this true? Is there anyway you can shed some light on this subject? This uncertainty is pushing a lot of people away from Vista. I have done searches on the internet for a while now and most searches turn up FUD regarding the monitoring.

To me it is there to prevent piracy and that is all, but there is nothing confiming most people suspicions or denying it.

If you read this thanks for any response.

Thank you
Buddy Lindsey.

ADO.NET Basics: Connection String and Web.Config

Ok, on our continueing quest for world domination... oh wait wrong blog for that.

No we want to talk about connection strings. Fun stuff isn't it. Well in the last bit we showed you how to make the connection string in C#. Well you know after a while that can get annoying making that for every page so there is a solution. You can put it into one file, and use it across your whole application. You can put it into your Web.Config file. Then when you want to connect just use the string that you declared it as for the connection. So lets see how to do it.

First open your web config file and type:
< appsettings >
< / appsettings >

Inside this is where you will set the string so you can make the connection. Now type in:
< key="ConnectionString" value="server=myServer; database=Northwind; uid=User; pwd=Password;">

Now the connections string is ConnectionString and you can use it on any page you need to. The final result in your web.config file should look like

< appsettings >
< key="ConnectionString" value="server=myServer; database=Northwind; uid=User; pwd=Password;">
< / appsettings >

See that was painless, mostly.

Buddy Lindsey

p.s. I had to put a space between the wickets and slashes because the blog has a hard time posting them. You will need to be sure to add this if you decide to copy and paste the code.