Monday, August 29, 2005

Mono Project.

Ok, I have been messing with the Mono project for a bit now and I must say I find it a bit difficult. To say the least. I am hopeing to get into some gnome development with it. I think that would be fun. My biggest problem is understanding this whole widgets concepts it boggles my mind.

If any Microsoft .NET people have messed with Mono at all please leave a comment on it here and if you have a blog please leave the address so I can subscribe to it.

Now some of you maybe wondering why I went from being so Hardcore MS to using Linux. I want to answer that right now. I still am Hardcore MS. I love the company and still want to work there, but I also like to mess with stuff that is challengeing and right now linux is really kicking my but so it intrigues the crap out of me.

I really need to get back to my ASP.NET programming. I just need to find my VS.NET demo cd's so I can install it and use it again, man I wish i had the money for the full version. Anyway back to being abused by Linux.

Peace out.
Buddy Lindsey

p.s. Still need help finding good XSLT tutorials let me know if you know of any.


At 10:42 AM, August 31, 2005, Anonymous Jon Galloway said...

You might want to give Monoppix a try ( It's a bootable CD with Mono preconfigured, so you can spend more time experimenting with Mono and less time configuring it.

You can run it under Virtual PC, too (be sure to read this first:

There are some great WMV tutorials on the site, too:

Thanks for you work on the ASP.NET Podcast, by the way. I really enjoy it.


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