Saturday, October 08, 2005

Mono and Crux

I am working on creating ports for everything mono. I have several things done so far, but have a few scripts to write to finish it.

I finally got ASP.NET running in linux using mod_mono. It didn't really take as long as I thought it would. Once I figured out a few basic things about installing applications from scratch in crux things are flying. I am really picking up a lot, and really likeing this distro more and more.

Also, you something I find quite funny is that as a computer person when you see something different at a kiosk that is very limiting you tend to try to do as much as you can to see what all is possible on the computer. For example I am at a coffe shop called Kaffe Bona. They have a highly customized version of IE with a lot of limitaions, mostly done in active directory i am sure. Anyway the first thing I do when I see it is start to see what all is closed off in it. Like i can't control click to finish urls. I can't minimize it in anyway ctrl+d doesn't work. It is very interesting indeed.

But it just says something. When restircited one of the first things people do is see what they can do to get around it. Usually, like in my case, so they can do something incase they need to fix a problem. Like if I the browser crashed most people would just give up, but a computer person would do what they can to reopen the browser.

Anyway enough of my rambling.

Buddy Lindsey